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HOWTO circumvent broken PS/2 ports

(Kategorie Gesammeltes | 25.5.2008, 22:41)

Quick and dirty tutorial for a not-so-standard-problem.

Problem: Your PS/2 port is dead - for some reason. Your PC starts normally, but you can't use it for lack of input devices. You'd LOVE to use USB mouse/keyboard, but Win prompts you to confirm the installation of drivers - which you can't (you guessed right: for lack of input devices! ;-)

Solution: Now here's how to install the USB devices using a laptop, a blank CD-RW and a crossover cable:

0. Download and install remote controlling software RealVNC and batch scripting suite AutoITScript onto the laptop.

1. You need to get onto the PC. So you create an autostart CD which will provide for that. It contains two files:

- autorun.inf

- autorun.bat
net stop "Sygate Personal Firewall"
REM shuts down the firewall; if you don't use Sygate, insert your wall's service name
netsh interface ip set address name = "Local Area Connection" source = static
addr = mask = gateway = gwmetric = 1
REM setup the PC for crossover use; same must be done for the laptop
net share driveC=C:\
REM have the PC share at least one drive; feel free to share more
2. Insert the CD and make the magic happen. To make sure you stay in, deactivate the firewall permanently; easiest: rename the executable (smc.exe in my case).

3. On the laptop, create a plain textfile with the extension .au3 (AutoITScript)
- vnc.au3
Run("vncsetup.exe") ; start the installation routine
WinWaitActive("Setup - VNC") ; continue when the window is active
Send("{ENTER}") ; confirm starting
Send("!a!n") ; accept the EULA
Send("C:\VNC{ENTER}") ; setup a new (!) installation directory
Send("!n!n!n!i") ; confirm the following steps
While WinWaitActive("VNC Server Properties (Service-Mode)") = 0
WEnd ; activate the configuration dialogue window
Send("{TAB}{TAB}{ENTER}") ; confirm the activation dialogue
While WinActive("Setup - VNC") = 0
WEnd ; activate the setup window again
Send("!n!f") ; confirm the last steps
4. Compile the text file into an .exe using AutoITScript (should feature in your context menu).

5. Copy both the new vnc.exe and the RealVNC installer (renamed to vncsetup.exe) onto your PC.

6. Reburn your CD using autorun.inf as before and
- autorun.bat
%Path where you placed vnc.exe and vncsetup.exe%\vnc.exe

7. Insert the CD and trigger the final gig.

8. Finished. Your PC has a VNC server installed on it and can be accessed from your laptop using vncviewer.exe with host

9. Plug into your PC whatever devices you need and reply to Win's stupid questions using your laptop touchpad :-)

Epilogue: Now, that's my way of being creative about broken PS/2 ports.
If there is some easier way, please let me know five hours ago :-)
For questions or feedback, please feel free to contact me anytime.