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8 … 70 Jahre Marginalien des deutschen Staatsrechts. Nachschau auf ein vergessenes Kapitel der Nachkriegspublizistik, AöR 143 (2018), S. 282–311

7 … Evidence-Based Jurisprudence meets Legal Linguistics. Unlikely Blends Made in Germany, BYU L. Rev. 43 (2018), S. 1473–1501, gemeinsam mit Friedemann Vogel

6 … The Fabric of Language and Law. Towards an International Research Network for Computer Assisted Legal Linguistics (CAL²), JLL 6 (2017), S. 101–109, gemeinsam mit Friedemann Vogel

Law and language can be described as complex institutions with emergent properties, like intricate fabrics woven from single-colored fibers. This metaphor suggests to think of legal language in terms of “patterns”: Recurrent motifs in the fabric that the individual language user may not (and in most cases cannot) be aware of, though they explain the development of language more coherently than any narrative based on a priori rules. This perspective corresponds with the recent trend towards computer linguistics using “text as data”. To discuss how these approaches might impact research on the language of law, the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences and Humanities hosted the first international conference on “The Fabric of Language and Law” from the perspective of legal corpus linguistics. Selected papers presented at this meeting in March 2016 were subsequently peer-reviewed and published in an eponymous volume of the International Journal of Language & Law (JLL), edited by the present authors as convenors of the conference. This special issue introduction elaborates on the topic of this meeting, summarizes its contributions, and contextualises the publications that resulted from it. The authors hope that this exchange, which has meanwhile been continued across the Atlantic, may help to establish an international network for research on Computer Assisted Legal Linguistics (CAL²).

5 … Text, Kontext und Textualismus in der juristischen Methodenlehre. Frank Easterbrook neu gelesen und übersetzt, S. 135–150 in: Vogel (Hrsg.), Recht ist kein Text. Studien zur Sprachlosigkeit im verfassten Rechtsstaat, Verlag Duncker & Humblot, Berlin 2017

4 … Offene Wissenschaft. Wie kann sich Freies Wissen weiter entwickeln? (Interview), WMde-Blog 28.6.2017

3 … Cui Bono, Benefit Corporation? An Experiment Inspired by Social Enterprise Legislation in Germany and the US, RLE 11 (2015), S. 79–110, gemeinsam mit Sven Fischer / Sebastian J. Goerg

2 … Unpacking the Board. A Comparative and Empirical Perspective on Groups in Corporate Decision-Making, BBLJ 11 (2014), S. 1–54

1 … Kurioses im Paragrafendschungel. Interview, NJW 62 (2009), Nr. 9, S. XIV–XVI